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Data Protection Obligations

To comply with GDPR, companies have to demonstrable accountability.

This legal obligation, which introduces a new level of formal records management, creates a sizable overhead for businesses. It can be far easier to comply when using a centralised documentation solution.

Data Sentinel provides a simple online platform to record and maintain:

  1. Records of Processing Activities (GDPR Article 30)
  2. Legitimate Interest Assessments (GDPR Recital 47)
  3. Data Protection Impact Assessments (GDPR Article 35)
  4. Alignment with Principles (GDPR Article 5.2)
  1. Privacy by Design tracker
  2. Process Owner Attestations
  3. Risk assessments
  4. Issue logs
  5. Decision logs
  6. Action lists
  1. Security event and breach records.
  2. Data Subject Request and SAR records.
  3. Visitor log book.

The Data Sentinel System

Data Sentinel was developed by data protection practitioners and data protection officers, to help them perform their day jobs.

The system is built to work in the real world.

It is hosted by a leading UK data centres to provide rapid deployment, easy access, high levels of security and resilience.

It is fully scaleable and records full audit logs of all changes made by users.

Contact us now for a free 30 day trial.